Monday, November 09, 2009

Gear Pic Updates as of Nov 2009

o dudes and dudettes, thanks for taking the time to check this out. Now its gonna be really picture heavy as I've just uploaded about 12 to 15 pics of my gear. The photos were taken just a couple hours ago...
As of now this is the most updated of all the stuff I have, guitar wise.
Enjoy the pics... you can feel free to check out the guitar's info on the right panel of my blog.
There are links to the info.

Here they are, Enjoy!

The Yamaha 1992 RGX621D



The 1999 Jackson Performer PS6T-KE



The 1998 Jackson Randy Rhoads RR3



The 1997 Epiphone SnakePit Les Paul Custom



The 1987 Ibanez RG550



The 2001 Jackson King VX KVX10



The 2007 Ovation Celebrity CC24



The Whole Family Gathered



The 1987 Ibanez RG550
That's all folks! Hope you enjoyed the photos of my gear. And for you guitarists out there....GAS-ing yet?? Haha!

Peace out!

I leave you with an inspirational quote which I've recently discovered:
"Yippie Kai Yay motherf*cker" -John McClaine

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Addition to the family.. Jackson RR3

Ok.. this was from about... 6-8 months ago... so, March or April 2009?? About there..

There has been a new addition to the Jackson guitar family in the Ong Residences....
I'm not gonna go into too much detail about this.
I basically acquired the Jackson RR3 guitar from a guitar friend, Arise Ong, who sold it for me at a very good price.... (no hes not my bro or relative).

Jackson RR3
Made in Japan
22 Frets
Maple neck with Rosewood Fingerboard.
Gotoh Floyd Rose bridge
Humbucker - Humbucker configuration
Seymour JB in bridge. Neck pup is stock.

Sorry i dont have a better picture... haha... I will try to get some updated pics of my gear if possible.
I hadn't had much time to work on it yet. So i did the basics like a bridge pup swap and a bridge change. It came with the stock floyd-rose which was pretty much destroyed already when i got it, so i had to change it.

Thats all folks....

Monday, September 28, 2009

Tattoo Haven...

Well, this is gonna be about something that happened in September 2008. Yes, a year ago.

Ok, so I went and did something interesting and different (to some ppl it may seem hell with them..haha).
I went to get myself a tattoo... yes i say it again.. Tattoo!
Its a tattoo of one of my favorite guitars which i own. Its a tattoo of a Jackson KE. Although it is a different color from mine.
Below are some pics during the process.... yeah i know.... ignore my facial expressions please....

Before it all began.....

The outline.....

Oooo.. that expression.....

I'm glad its done........

The Final product.. Damn it looks goooooood.

OMG Its been a really long time!

Yeah, the title of this post speaks for itself. It seems that i havent been updating my blog for about a year and a half. Thats coz i've been too busy screwin' around with my life and what not. Haha.
Anyway, i guess i should really take some time to update this...

I've got lots of interesting info/toys/gear to update everyone. However i shall not post everything in detail as its just gonna take way too much fuckin' time, which is something i feel that i do not have a lot.

Anyway, here goes it.... well this will actually show below those newer posts im gonna put up later.. so i dont know whats the point of me typing all this anyway... crap... there goes more wasted time again......

Anyway heres a pic which i really really like...

its a pic of Vic Rattlehead my cousin Joseph drew. Great stuff yeah?!?


Monday, March 24, 2008

AIA, The start of my Career

Welcome back folks,

As some of you already know, I'm currently working for AIA (American International Assurance) Singapore. Started this job on Oct 22, 2007.
Working there as a Business Analyst. Hmm sounds pretty interesting eh? Well, it's a very different job than what I had expected at first when I saw the ad in the papers. But now that I'm in it, I feel that it's a decent job with challenges in understanding system logics and how insurance plans work and so forth....good place to learn alot!

Great place to work at, especially with great colleagues!

So far I'm in my 5th month I believe. So far so good...

Below are pics of myself and colleagues, enjoy them:

Taken just before CNY 2008

X-Mas 2007

Dinner & Dance 2007


I will be having a gear update later this week.
Don't forget to catch it!

Cheers folks!

Friday, December 21, 2007

1996 Fender MIM Standard Stratocaster

Hey there again,

This time its details on my new Fender MIM Standard Strat!
It comes in a very unique color. Some kinda sonic/metallic blueish look.

I acquired this sometime in June 2007 from the US, particularly Boston, MA

Here are the specs:
Alder body (HSS Cavity for upgrades)
Maple neck
21 Medium Frets
3 Stock Fender Single Coils
Stock Vintage Tremolo
1 Tone 2 Volume Controls
5-way PickUp Selector

Not sure what else I missed out at the moment but there you go!

Somehow I feel that I am not fated to play strats. Well at least not 21 fret strats with single coils....darn it....
It seems that I just can't get used to this guitar. Oh well, give it another shot first before I do anything. Might even sell this baby away just because I know I probably won't be using her anytime soon as well.

Great stuff though. Too bad I was brought up with 24 fret guitars and thin necks that are very well made for playing metal and hard rock. You know, those late 80's/early 90's kinda guitars. Hehe...

Well thats all for the Fender. Enjoy the pictures!


Gear Updates!

Since a long time has passed since I last posted here, there have been some gear changes as well.

First up, the BOSS GT-6 is no longer in my possession. Its been sold somewhere in May.

Next in line is that I am selling my Crate Blue Voodoo 60w Tube Amp.
I know its a pity, however it has to be done since I'm way under using the amp.
Will probably get something smaller in the near future once this is sold.

New Gear Announcement!

I have acquired a 1996 Fender MIM Stratocaster!

I will be posting more detailed pictures of that pretty soon. Probably within the next couple of hours. But it seems that I am not fated to play 21 fret guitars. I don't feel that comfortable with it plus I am also too used to the 24 frets and a thinner neck.

KORG Toneworks AX3000G has arrived at my doorstep.

I haven't had much time to play with it yet, however from what I tested at the shops it seems to be a darn good pedal and at a very good price as well!
I will post more info on that soon as well.

Well, stay tuned for the gear updates as I post more info on the newly acquired gear.

Cheers to you all!

Its been awhile!

Hey peeps!
Its been while since I last posted here.
Didn't have the time with flying back to the US for some stuff and then work.

Anyway I will be continuing to try my best to keep this as updated as possible.


Saturday, April 21, 2007

BOSS GT-6 Multi-Effects Pedal

Here's my one and only pedal.
The Boss GT-6 Multi-Effects Pedal.


I won't really be listing the specifications out here because there are just too many things to put in. So here's a link to BOSS's website with the product details.

Official BOSS GT-6 Website

And here's a link for GT-6 and GT-8 users. This site/forum provides alot of information with regards to these 2 products. They even have patches that you can download!

BOSS GT Central

This is a pedal I wanted since I started playing guitar. And it's finally in my hands. Great pedal. Does just about everything and works wonders. It is alittle difficult to configure though because there are just too many settings and you have to do very precise tweakings to get something awesome from this.


Anyway still an awesome pedal despite its complexity. Thank you Boss for making this!

1995 Crate Blue Voodoo 60w 1 x 12" Combo Amp

Ok here's my main guitar amp. Well, currently my only amp.

Its a 1995 Crate Blue Voodoo 1 x 12" 60 watt combo amp!


I bought it in 2003 from E-bay.

Couldn't really find much info of this amp online as it is probably obsolete already. Not even the Crate website has details on this.

Basically here are its features:

2 Channels (Clean and Gain)
4 speaker jacks (2 for 4 ohm and 2 for 8 ohm)
Single Reverb and Presence control
A Bright switch for all channels
A Boost switch for Gain channel
Low, Mid and High knobs per channel.
Master Volume
2 x 6L6GC Power Tubes
3 x 12AX7 Preamp Tubes


What I like about this amp is its clean tones.
The gain channel is quite weak for hard rock or metal, but it does blues overdrives very very well. I guess if you have a overdrive pedal, it might work well with this amp to get heavy metal tones.

Clean tones are not Fender sparkly, but it has alot of warmth and clarity to it. Mainly because of the tubes used as well.


Look me up on MSN to chat up with me if you wanna know more about this amp.
or emailng me would be just as good.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Zakk Wylde Les Paul MODDED

Yo people~!
Yesterday I just spend a couple of hours modding Chan's Epiphone Zakk Wylde Les Paul.
He wanted Pickup swaps and Spin-a-Splits!


He got himself a Seymour Duncan Hot Rodded Set in black which consists of the SH4(JB) and the SH2N(Jazz neck).

Threw the pickups in, made his 2 other pots into No-Load pots using pliers and nail polish!
So now there's added versatility! He can split his JB and/or Jazz into single coil mode!

After all the installations I did some testing. And wow! It sounds great. Not a guitar for metal though, but awesome for Blues to Rock! Fat, thick and warm sounding even with the JB/Jazz inside (they're known for bring bright pickups).

Here's a clearer picture of his guitar with the Duncans in them! Enjoy


Peace out people!

Friday, March 23, 2007

1993 Yamaha RGX621D

1993 Yamaha RGX621D

During the hair-metal/rock revolution, guitars like these were being made! In my opinion, these are the best kinda guitars to get for those kinda music!

yama2 >> yama1

This is number 6. I got this in Singapore from the SOFT Forum classifieds. When I saw it, I thought "Woah, classic looking guitar! Gotta get it!". And I did get it.

(Pic on the left was modded around Feb '07, the one on the right is from April '07)


Made in Japan
Alder Body
Maple Neck
Rosewood Fretboard
24 Frets w/ Dot Inlays
Last 5 Frets Originally Scalloped
Licensed Double Locking Tremelo
1 Volume Control
1 Tone Control
5-way Pickup Selector
Bridge Pickup: Seymour Duncan JB (SH-4, White)
Middle Pickup: Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro Single (APS-2, Black)
Neck Pickup: Seymour Duncan Jazz (SH-2, White)
Bright Yellow Finish

This guitar plays like a dream too! Thin neck and light body. lets you run up and down the fretboard easily. Love the last 5 scalloped frets. Gives me a lighter feel so that I can bend more easily.

yama1 >> yama2

(Pic on the left was modded around Feb '07, the one on the right is from April '07)

Had a few pickups lying around, so I decided to throw in some Seymour Duncan Pickups. mainly, JB, APS-2 and Jazz neck.

I know how the JB sounds, so no issue there. Cuts thru the mix with a mid-highs boost. It can get too trebly, so I changed the pots to 250K for volume and tone.

As for the APS-2, it has a warm yet slightly glassy kinda tone to it. Not that warm but not shrill as well. Very Balanced sounding pickup in my opinion. Looks cool too, being black to contrast the white humbuckers.
Seymour Duncan Single Coils were new to me. I had no idea how the APS-2 would sound like at all when I got it. But I had to try and believe in Seymour's pickups. I love the tone of it! Warm sounding with a slight bite. Does solos very well, and it gives off that vintage kinda tone which I never have in most of my guitars.

In the neck, the Jazz fits the spot. It's very open sounding with a decent amount of highs. But in the neck it warms up alittle due to string resonance in that area. Very versatile pickup. Does very nicely for cleans which are key to my playing. For blazing leads it gives a very nice clear sound without being close to muddy.

If you want more information about this guitar, feel free to drop me an e-mail or add me on MSN so that we could discuss.