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1993 Yamaha RGX621D

1993 Yamaha RGX621D

During the hair-metal/rock revolution, guitars like these were being made! In my opinion, these are the best kinda guitars to get for those kinda music!

yama2 >> yama1

This is number 6. I got this in Singapore from the SOFT Forum classifieds. When I saw it, I thought "Woah, classic looking guitar! Gotta get it!". And I did get it.

(Pic on the left was modded around Feb '07, the one on the right is from April '07)


Made in Japan
Alder Body
Maple Neck
Rosewood Fretboard
24 Frets w/ Dot Inlays
Last 5 Frets Originally Scalloped
Licensed Double Locking Tremelo
1 Volume Control
1 Tone Control
5-way Pickup Selector
Bridge Pickup: Seymour Duncan JB (SH-4, White)
Middle Pickup: Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro Single (APS-2, Black)
Neck Pickup: Seymour Duncan Jazz (SH-2, White)
Bright Yellow Finish

This guitar plays like a dream too! Thin neck and light body. lets you run up and down the fretboard easily. Love the last 5 scalloped frets. Gives me a lighter feel so that I can bend more easily.

yama1 >> yama2

(Pic on the left was modded around Feb '07, the one on the right is from April '07)

Had a few pickups lying around, so I decided to throw in some Seymour Duncan Pickups. mainly, JB, APS-2 and Jazz neck.

I know how the JB sounds, so no issue there. Cuts thru the mix with a mid-highs boost. It can get too trebly, so I changed the pots to 250K for volume and tone.

As for the APS-2, it has a warm yet slightly glassy kinda tone to it. Not that warm but not shrill as well. Very Balanced sounding pickup in my opinion. Looks cool too, being black to contrast the white humbuckers.
Seymour Duncan Single Coils were new to me. I had no idea how the APS-2 would sound like at all when I got it. But I had to try and believe in Seymour's pickups. I love the tone of it! Warm sounding with a slight bite. Does solos very well, and it gives off that vintage kinda tone which I never have in most of my guitars.

In the neck, the Jazz fits the spot. It's very open sounding with a decent amount of highs. But in the neck it warms up alittle due to string resonance in that area. Very versatile pickup. Does very nicely for cleans which are key to my playing. For blazing leads it gives a very nice clear sound without being close to muddy.

If you want more information about this guitar, feel free to drop me an e-mail or add me on MSN so that we could discuss.


Blogger andreas said...

Hi! Nice guitar! I have one like that in blue sparkly finish. Check it out, second from the left:

I got it for $150 on ebay, and it's more or less the best guitar I own at the moment (competing with a rare Ibanez RG 520 QS with Orig. Edge).

The pickups are GFS Power Rails (N,B) and GFS Protube.

The Yamaha RGX's seem to be a well-kept secret in the world of superstrats :)

17 May, 2008 05:41  

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