Saturday, April 21, 2007

BOSS GT-6 Multi-Effects Pedal

Here's my one and only pedal.
The Boss GT-6 Multi-Effects Pedal.


I won't really be listing the specifications out here because there are just too many things to put in. So here's a link to BOSS's website with the product details.

Official BOSS GT-6 Website

And here's a link for GT-6 and GT-8 users. This site/forum provides alot of information with regards to these 2 products. They even have patches that you can download!

BOSS GT Central

This is a pedal I wanted since I started playing guitar. And it's finally in my hands. Great pedal. Does just about everything and works wonders. It is alittle difficult to configure though because there are just too many settings and you have to do very precise tweakings to get something awesome from this.


Anyway still an awesome pedal despite its complexity. Thank you Boss for making this!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes u r indeed rite about the importance of giving our ears the pleasure they deserve, especially those who are soundaholic or just plain mini-size.

3 Cheers for my Bro, Abigal ! Abigal ! Seikima !

See you soon bro :D

Guess who I am?? give u a hint r**** or south**

20 June, 2007 22:24  

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