Saturday, April 21, 2007

1995 Crate Blue Voodoo 60w 1 x 12" Combo Amp

Ok here's my main guitar amp. Well, currently my only amp.

Its a 1995 Crate Blue Voodoo 1 x 12" 60 watt combo amp!


I bought it in 2003 from E-bay.

Couldn't really find much info of this amp online as it is probably obsolete already. Not even the Crate website has details on this.

Basically here are its features:

2 Channels (Clean and Gain)
4 speaker jacks (2 for 4 ohm and 2 for 8 ohm)
Single Reverb and Presence control
A Bright switch for all channels
A Boost switch for Gain channel
Low, Mid and High knobs per channel.
Master Volume
2 x 6L6GC Power Tubes
3 x 12AX7 Preamp Tubes


What I like about this amp is its clean tones.
The gain channel is quite weak for hard rock or metal, but it does blues overdrives very very well. I guess if you have a overdrive pedal, it might work well with this amp to get heavy metal tones.

Clean tones are not Fender sparkly, but it has alot of warmth and clarity to it. Mainly because of the tubes used as well.


Look me up on MSN to chat up with me if you wanna know more about this amp.
or emailng me would be just as good.


Anonymous Big E said...

I found a harder drive tube will brighten up your tone. And the BV 60 has enough overdrive to still give you some nice distortion. I think you were right about the METAL tone, get a stomp box. A good graphic EQ will do as well as an overdrive. Most of the METAL sound is about a very selective eq. I'm speaking from my personal experience with tube amps. CHEERS !

23 March, 2011 02:09  

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