Friday, March 23, 2007

2002 Jackson KVX10

2002 Jackson King-V X Series AKA Jackson KVX10


This is the 4th guitar I purchased in 2002 at Gutiar Center Boston. I walked into the shop, walked around and then I saw this! I'm a big Dave Mustaine fan so I knew I had to get this, plus it's screamin' "BUY ME!"


Made in Japan
Alder Body
24 Frets w/ Shark-Fin Inlays
Tun-O-Matic Fixed Bridge
1 Volume Control
1 Spin-a-Split Control
3-way Pickup Selector
Bridge Pickup: Dimarzio X2N (DP102, Pink)
Neck Pickup: Seymour Duncan Hybrid (Sh-5/6 Hybrid, Black)
Black Finish


When I bought it, I thought to myself, "This will be my all out metal guitar!", and it is now. Since it was gonna be a purely metal guitar, I decided to throw in Dimarzio's fiercest pickup (my opinion), the X2N! It does great for metal! High Treble and Mids with lots of crunch. Very Thrash-Metalish. Plus I managed to snag one off E-Bay for a good price, plus its pink!

After while I didn't know what to put in the neck position. Just then a Seymour Duncan Forum bro posted a Hybrid for sale, so I bought it just to try how good it sounds as he described it. I never tried this in the bridge so I wouldn't know how it sounded there. But in the neck, its a very thick, full tone, with very nice mids. Kinda like a sweeter Air Norton with slightly lesser mids. Tried it once, loved it and now its in there permanently.

Few months later, I was reading up on how to split humbuckers, so I got some advice from a friend, KC, and proceeded on to making a No-Load Pot for the Spin-a-Split. I got a very good single coil tone! Just enough 'twang' and brightness to make this guitar versatile.

Then few months later, I was invited by a friend, Robert, who was then studying in Berklee to go visit Joe Stump! He signed the headstock of the KVX for me and played some stuff for us. I will always remember that day!


If you want more information about this guitar, feel free to drop me an e-mail or add me on MSN so that we could discuss.


Blogger Chaos said...

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28 January, 2009 09:18  
Blogger Alon C. said...

I accidentally stumbled across your blog, and I must say, it is very nice.

Now to business. You mentioned your quest for tone, along with an uncertainty for the neck pickup position. After reading about your quest for tone, I was wondering if you have ever tried to place an X2N in the neck. I've read many reviews saying that the tone is amazing, and many other expectations saying that it (should) sound horrible. If you have, how did it sound like?

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28 January, 2009 09:21  

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