Friday, March 09, 2007

Ranting about something and showing old pictures of stuff

Ok, it's been awhile since I last posted anything. Now it will just be a rant on how much I dislike Floyd-Rose/Wilkinson Bridges or also known as 'Floating Bridges'.

So I decided to probably sell off all my guitars that have these Floating Bridges and get maybe just one more that has a 'Non-Floating Bridge' (e.g Tun-o-matic, Fixed, Vintage Tremolo bridges)

First up is the Floyd on the top and the Wilkinson Floating at the bottom

Floyd-rose-trem allparts_wilkinson_vs100

Firstly, for floating bridges, it's troublesome as hell to change strings, do pickup swaps, or just maintain. Sure it's cool to use the whammy to wail or dive-bomb. But hell, I'm sick of it, plus I don't really wail or dive-bomb when I play either. So no issue for me here.
Back in the 80's and early 90's it was cool to be using these just because you can add 'creativity' and 'cool sounds' to your playing. So end result for me = Screw Them, I don't need them.

Next up are the Non-Floating Bridges. Left is the Tun-o-matic Stop Tail bridge, which is found on most Les Pauls and other guitars and on the right is the Vintage Tremelo bridge, which comes with most Fender Stratocasters.

bridge_stoptailpiece_tunomatic vintagetrem

For these guys, changing strings is a flash. Simple and straight forward! Sure you can't wail up and down the scale but heck, it's a breeze to maintain! Plus they don't flatten your tone as much as floating bridges do! That's a big plus there. I've grown to prefer these more because they are of lesser hassle for just about anything.

So I'm basically gonna try to sell my floating bridges guitars. Look at the number of guitar cases I have....


...... all these have guitars in them!! Too many, some might say, but I think it's ok. Just gotta get rid of the ones I can't take anymore...

So here's one guitar I'm actually gonna let go of soon. I will be changing the Duncan pups back to stock Ibanez ones even though its a Yamaha. I changed all electronics inside and it works like a dream now. Presenting the Yamaha RGX621D:


Yup that's all folks.
That's all I'm gonna rant about today.


Now I'm just gonna show you guys the picture of the amount of Bleach, Transformers and Dragonball Z figurines I've collected over the past 2 months or so.
Here they are, sitting on top of my desktop computer.


Nice figurines huh? Some look really cool whereas some are just ok.


And this is a picture an old friend of mine drew, his name is Khidir, but I haven't seen him in years. Not sure what he's up to now.


I'm supposed to be the shortest one with the long straight hair, holding the Jackson KE. Cool huh? Looks a little like Paul Gilbert back in his Mr. Big days.
Heh...I'm just dreaming!!!! LOL!!!


Ok that's it, I don't really feel like typing anymore....nor do I have anymore interesting photos to post up. Have to go search my stack of photos somewhere in one of my harddrives.
Take care people.
Peace Out!


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