Sunday, March 11, 2007

Chan's New Gear!

As some of you guys might know. I got a friend named Channy who plays the guitar as well. As of today he's the proud owner of an Epiphone Signature Series Les Paul. more specifically, a ZAKK WYLDE Signature Series BullsEye Les Paul.

Congratulations Channy!!!

Here's the pic of his new axe. Apparently he's gonna throw in a Seymour Duncan Dimebucker in the bridge and let the Dimebag and Wylde rip the music scene here! Woohoo!

chan's gear 2007
The BullsEye Zakk is in the middle, Between his PGM3 and JEM555


Once again, Channy! Welcome to the Les Paul Club!
Now Louis, Channy and myself have Epi Les Pauls...

For the next jam i'm sure it'll be a fierce battle between Slash and Zakk!
Here's the Epiphone Slash/Snakepit Les Paul


Slash/Snakepit Les Paul equipped with Dimarzio V-PAF Bridge and Dimarzio Hum From Hell




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