Monday, November 27, 2006

Renovations Ending!!

Hey my loyal readers! It's been awhile. Currently my place is almost done! But not yet. Left with the Karaoke/Music Room downstairs which is not ready yet. Once that is ready, I'll post every single picture of the new stuff!

For now there are no pictures to put up, as I haven't really taken any nice ones.
Anyway this section will all be Text! So I hoped you enjoyed reading this small little post here.

Anyway, the last week has been bad for me, in terms of just about everything!
Buy drink from kopitiam, the Uncle come with wrong drink.
Wanted to buy guitar stuff, but the seller didn't show up.
Wanted to sell my stuff, but nothing went out, so I got desperate and reduced the prices and then this week all the stuff are almost gone! I got about another 3 items and I'm all set!

Anyway take care All You People out there!


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