Thursday, December 28, 2006

After Jam Post! *with pictures*

Great Jam guys!
Very well done for our first get together with a full line up!
And oh boy our Screamin' Dolphin can really hit those notes. Awesome stuff.
OK, basically I took some pictures of us during the jam and here they are.

We jammed at Four Tones Music. Great place as well with decent equipment and big space for a reasonable price.

I'm thinking next jam will be about 3-5 weeks away. More time for us to practice plus we gotta stay focused on a few songs to sort of 'perfect' them as a band.

80's Rock never Dies!!!

Quote of the day: "The drummer SELF-HIGH, then the guitarist also SELF HIGH, then havoc already." -Sim

Exotic CopyCat and Little Dragon

Sun Bear and Screamin' Dolphin

Big Bad Wolf and Hentai Octopus

And...The Centaur!!

Ok, thats it for pictures of us. Next jam date and song list will be up again soon so that we will have time to practice. Gonna keep some of the current songs and add 1 or 2 more.

Rock On People!!
Peace! \m/,


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